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Be With your Pet. Anytime. Anywhere.

Soon you be able to keep an eye on your pet while you’re out and about with the new [email protected] device from iPatrol. You love your pet, and you are always looking for ways to make their life better, which is why this dog monitor is the right choice for you!

With this device, you can always have a live video feed of your home using the [email protected] app on your smartphone, making it easy to make sure your furry friend is safe and happy while you are away at work or vacation.

With this great pet camera, there are a number of reasons to get excited for yourself and for your pet.

Eyes on Your Pet • Your puppy cam makes it super easy to keep an eye on your pet at any time you wish. Simply connect via the [email protected] app and check in on your pal whenever you like! Having peace of mind while you are away is one of the best things about this pet camera.

Treats a Plenty With [email protected] you can use your app to dispense treats for your pet, meaning you’ll never have to worry about going too long without reminding your buddy about what a good boy he is! You have total control when it comes to dispensing treats, meaning you will be able to control how much your pet eats, because too many treats is not the healthiest thing after all.

Night Vision • Leaving your pets at home in the dark is not a problem with this dog monitor because it comes equipped with a night vision camera! Meaning you can always see your pet in even the lowest light conditions.

Two-Way Audio • Your pet camera allows you to listen in on your pet in order to make sure they are safe, and it also lets your pet hear your voice. Hearing your voice while home alone can have all sorts of benefits for your pet including helping them to feel less lonely and calming them down should they go into a barking fit.

Wi-Fi Connectivity • Our trusted companion uses Wi-Fi connectivity to be controlled from any smartphone!

With [email protected], you can be sure that your pet is going to be close to you no matter where you happen to go. Show your pet the love it shows you each and every day by getting your own dog monitor device today!