Have you ever wanted to see the world through your dog’s eyes? Getting a chance to see the world the way your furry friends sees it is something that was nothing but pipe dreams only a few years ago. With the advent of action cams, eager videographers couldn’t wait until they had a chance to comfortably and securely strap a camera to their dogs. There are a wide variety of different pet camera mounts that can be used with our furry friends and finding the perfect mount can be a difficult task. We took a look at a few mounts to see if we could find the best mount available.

When we looked at mounts we had a few key criteria in mind. These criteria are worth keeping in mind if you decide that you want to go look at different puppy camera mounts on your own. The criteria we looked at were:

  1. It must be easy to adjust. No knots or ties, just clasps and clips.
  2. It must be washable and waterproof. Our dogs aren’t known for avoiding water or dirt.
  3. You need a mount that suits your dog’s body and is comfortable to wear while playing or running.

Harness 1: GoPro Fetch

One of the leading action camera brands has also released a mount for our furry friends. The GoPro Fetch is designed to fit dogs of any size, from 7 to 54 Kg. The GoPro Fetch features two mounts, a chest mount and a back mount. For smaller dogs, the chest mount can be removed to make it more comfortable. The GoPro Fetch is machine washable and water resistant, ready for whatever your dog gets into. The base for the camera has a quick release base, meaning our furry friends don’t need patience while we sit there trying to get the interactive pet camera off. For anyone concerned about the safety of their camera, a tether is included so that the camera doesn’t fall off our dogs.

Harness 2: AKA-DM1 Dog Harness

The AKA-DM1 Dog Harness is designed for use with the Sony Action Camera. This mount is perfectly designed for medium to large size dogs, with a minimum weight of 15Kg. It features 4 straps that are completely adjustable so that they can be comfortable and secure on your dog. The materials are lightweight but durable and able to comfortably mold to your dog’s shape. The harness is machine washable and can stand up to going for a swim with your pup.

These are two of the best action camera dog harnesses available. Eyeing the world from your furry friend’s point of view can be a treat and not something that we always have a chance to see. If you are committed to trying to find the best way to see the world from your dog’s perspective then finding a comfortable and safe way to do so is important. While we have provided a review for two of the best harnesses on the market, there are still more harnesses available. If you decide to try and find your own, just keep in mind the criteria we used.

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