When our beloved little pets start to put on a little bit of extra weight, it’s best to nip it in the bud as soon as possible, rather than wait until it becomes a serious issue. Sometimes, when pets are left at home by themselves, they become anxious and fretful. When you’re leaving, you might even hear your dog scratching at the door or whining at you to come back, or your cat yowling for you to return. While some pets are happy to lounge and play by themselves all day, for others it can be hard to be by themselves, even if there are multiple animals in the household.

You’re their friend and companion, and they want you around. For pets that are anxious or upset by being left alone, they have very few ways of self-soothing. While some pets may suck on a blanket or even getting into mischief, many animals overeat when they are upset. For cats and dogs that are trusted to graze during the day, this can be particularly detrimental and can cause them to put on extra weight.

If your pet has started to gain weight due to anxiety, there are things that you can do to get them back down to a healthy weight, so that they don’t suffer the many adverse side effects of carrying extra weight. The first step in fighting obesity is controlling your pet’s diet and making sure they are getting enough exercise. An excellent option for your pet to get more exercise is a remote pet laser toy. This will let you play with your furry friend from work, and get them moving and interacting too. More importantly, considering that you will be limiting their caloric intake, which is their method of self-soothing, you can work to remove what makes them anxious, their separation from you.

A cat camera or pet monitor will let you see what’s going on with your little one, and a lot of options on the market have two-way communication so that you can speak with them. Having a connection to you, even if it is just a few times a day when you have a chance to take a break, can help soothe the anxiety that they are feeling and will keep them from overeating.

A treat dispensing system is another excellent way to help keep your pet on their diet. Most pets know that you can give them endless treats and that if they whine or beg enough that they will get a treat. Switching to a treat dispensing system means that you can teach them that the dispensing system only drops so many treats each time and that they cannot get more out of it by whining at it. A remote pet treat dispenser is great too because it lets you offer treats to your pet while you’re away.

Pet obesity can lead to a lower quality of life, and getting them to a healthy weight again can be challenging. Stopping them from overeating, by treating the cause (anxiety) and not the symptom (overeating) means that the problem will stop. Using remote pet toys and cameras will help your pet feel less anxious and keep them active during the day, and a remote pet treat dispenser will let you reward them while they’re at home by themselves.

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