Every pet owner that’s ever had to take their beloved fur baby to the veterinarian and the beloved pet has left with the infamous “cone of shame” understands that the poor pet is embarrassed. Many pet owners don’t care about this embarrassment, but one did. One cared enough to make his own “cone of shame” and wear it with his beloved cat.
An unidentified cat owner is seen hanging out with his cat in the photos and we can’t help but feel pity for not only the cat but also his owner. One can only surmise that the two of them do a lot of things together and the cat was perhaps feeling shameful by wearing the cone all alone.

Never fear, this owner got it and made himself a cone of shame. In the photos, they’re seen playing while both are wearing the cone of shame. Apparently, at the ripe young age of six months, the cat was old enough to be neutered and had to don the cone to complete his recovery without any damages to his sutures or repair work. In spite of doing all that he could to cheer up his beloved pet over the loss of his ability to procreate, the man finally created his own cone of shame.

The cat seemed to perk up when he saw his owner’s own version of the cone of shame. This made the cat more comfortable and he appeared to relax a bit more. No longer ashamed at his loss of procreation ability he was more comfortable and relaxed which meant that his feline body would heal more quickly.
That done, the pair were seen romping about the house and even napping together with their cones on. The duo was later spotted playing without their cones so apparently, the healing process was sped up when the owner decided to don a cone of shame of his own.

Not all pet owners would do this, but apparently, these two are nearly inseparable and it clearly showed when the cat settled down after his owner showed up in similar attire. This made for a huge news blip that would spread far and wide in the media and the social circles.

Would you do this for your pet? Not all pet owners agree that this should be done. However, it apparently worked quite well for this duo and the cat healed more quickly and was able to relax and enjoy the rest of the healing process.

Cat owners far and wide may wish to consider such options when their pets are healing from surgical procedures involving the cone of shame. Perhaps they could even ask the veterinarian if they too could borrow a cone to wear. Most vets would give a quizzical look but for some, it wouldn’t matter, they love pets and would instantly understand.

The cone of shame prevents pets from licking or scratching at a surgical area that is healing however it allows the pet to eat and drink as needed.

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