So you have built yourself a catio, a cute little enclosure that your furry friends can use to sun themselves while still safely enclosed from the dangers of the outside. Whether it is big or small a catio is a wonderful gift to give to your cats, that they are sure to enjoy in the good weather. Now that everything is up and running, half the fun is enjoying them enjoying their new space. With iPatrol’s [email protected] you can not only keep an eye on your little guys when you’re lounging on the couch but also when you’re out.


Catios are little cat patios that you can build in your backyard. A bit of metal fencing, with a locked gate, surrounding your sliding door with the addition of an awning roof is all it takes to have a warm sunny play place for your cats to enjoy. It can be dangerous for cats to be let out of the house to roam free. They can get into fights with other animals and get hurt, be exposed to diseases, and get lost. They also can get into mischief, like climbing trees and onto roofs, as well as using your garden, or your neighbours’ gardens, as a litter box. It is nice to give them a little slice of the outdoors though, so they can sunbathe and let loose, which is where a catio comes into play.

While your catio is likely secure and well built, cats are notorious for sneaking around and escaping whenever they can. It’s practically a game for them. If you place your [email protected] strategically in a window or beside the sliding door to their catio, then you can log on through your phone and take a peek to make sure that they aren’t climbing the walls. Thanks to the handy speaker, you can even speak to them, and tell your cat to get down from the wall of the catio (now if they listen, that’s another thing).

One of the most fun features of the [email protected], though, is that you can watch your cats play on their catio and record it. Turn on the laser pointer feature and then record your cat chasing the laser back and forth for the camera. It will delight you to have the video later, and you can share the video from your phone to your loved ones, so they can see your cat having fun, or just resting on their favourite perch in their new catio. The videos can also be uploaded directly from the app to social media so that everyone can see just how cute your cat is playing in their new catio.

You want your cat to have the best life possible, and giving them a catio is one thing you can do to make them happy and give them a new place to play. You can also take great enjoyment in the catio, and watch your little one through [email protected] play in their new domain. Of course, considering how cute they’ll be, you’ll just have to share the videos with everyone you know.

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