Want to keep an eye on your pet while you’re away from home? We all do. Whether you’re worried that kitty’s feeling lonely or that your puppy’s tearing through your couch, you can monitor your pet more easily than ever before with iPATROL’s Wi-Fi pet camera.

Your pet camera can securely stream live video from your home to any internet-enabled mobile device. You’ll never be more than a few clicks away from your furry friend. Here’s how to get started:

1) Make Sure Your Home Wi-Fi is Set Up

You can operate your pet camera using your phone’s data plan, but you’d probably rather use your home internet when possible. To do this, check to make sure your ISP has provided you with a Wi-Fi enabled modem. If you’re not sure, just call them and ask. Assuming everything is set up, all you’ll need now is your Wi-Fi password. Input your password into the wireless device of your choice (typically a smartphone or tablet) and access your pet camera app.

2)  Decide Where You’d Like To Position Your Pet Cam

You pet camera can fit just about anywhere but try to pick a position that will give you the widest and most direct view of the area your pets like to hang around. As long as your Wi-Fi covers that room, you’re good to go. If you find that your wireless connection doesn’t quite reach, consider buying a new modem.

3) Set Up Your Camera

Once you’ve selected where to place your camera, it’s time to set it up. Read your user’s manual and use the pet camera app on your phone to get things to your liking. By adding a microSD card into your camera, you can schedule your camera to automatically record at set times, or enable its motion sensor technology to automatically start recording when your puppy pounces.

4)  Keep An Eye On Your Pets, Wherever You Go

With your pet cam app, you can watch a live feed of your pets from anywhere. To access this feature, tap your pet cam app and you’ll be ready to securely watch streaming video from your camera on any iPhone, iPad, and Android device with a Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection. So don’t feel guilty about leaving your pet at home. With iPATROL’s pet camera you can be right there next to them with a click of a button.

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