When it comes to our homes, there is now a growing interest in having a home assistant device. These devices are intended to be there to help us with our day to day lives. They can inform us of things that we need to know, help us plan our days, and even be there to help control our homes. These devices have been increasing in popularity and more homes are having one in them. With the growth of these devices, it is worth understanding just what they are and what they do.

Amazon Echo Dot

This is the simplest and smallest of Amazon’s Echo devices. This device is designed to sit on a desk or simply on a counter and be there to help you however it can. This device doesn’t have the best speaker in the Echo family and should probably be paired with another bluetooth speaker for the best results. This device is only around 32mm tall and is something that should be used in a smaller space that allows for the microphone to hear you better. This is the best introductory device in the Amazon Echo family due to its smaller size and lower price tag.

Amazon Echo

This device is the standard option when it comes to the Echo family. This device has impressive speakers for what it is and is wonderful on its own without an extra speaker. The device features seven speakers so it is sure to hear you no matter what situation you use it in. This device will serve you excellently and will be great for any situation that you want to use it in.

Amazon Echo Plus

When it comes to the Amazon Echo family, this is the premium device in the line. This device is the highest end one available from Amazon and it shows. The device has the best speakers in the family, as well as being the largest in terms of actual size. The largest draw of this device is that it has the capabilities to be a smart hub without having to purchase a seperate device. If you want the best device in the family, this is the one for you.

As great as the Amazon Echo devices might be, they are unable to do something that is absolutely useful for any pet owners. The Amazon Echo devices are unable to interact with any family members that are not human. This means that our furry friends are unable to interact with our home assistants. If you want a device that will let you interact with your pet when you aren’t home, then look to the [email protected] to be the next smart device in your home. This device is designed to allow you to to have a constant feed of your home straight to your smart device. This device allows for you to watch your pet while you are away, functions as a remote pet treat dispenser, and comes with two-way audio so you and your furry friend can communicate no matter where you go. If you are looking for a device that lets you interact with your furry friend when you’re away from home then think of the [email protected] for you.

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