You work very hard to keep your garden looking pristine and beautiful. However, sometimes your dog doesn’t notice the heart and soul you poured into your garden and starts digging it up. You try disciplining them, but they don’t seem to get the message.

If you are having trouble getting to stop digging up your garden, try some of the following tips. They will keep your garden looking amazing while keeping your dog clean!

Make Sure Your Dog Is The One Digging

If you have noticed holes in your garden, but don’t have proof that it has been your dog digging the holes, you can get a camera that can watch your pet while you are away to get evidence of your dog digging in your garden. The iPatrol [email protected] camera can be used to watch your pets at home that allows for two way audio communication. You can also use it to give your dog treats remotely when they are being good and not digging up your garden!

Keep Your Yard Rodent Free

Sometimes when a dog digs up gardens, they see a rabbit, squirrel or chipmunk scurry their way into your garden and they try to find them. They pick up the scent of these animals and start digging to see if they can find them. It’s like a game of hide-and-seek for them, they don’t know they are ruining your garden and are not doing it on purpose.

To keep those animals out of your yard there are many ultrasonic traps you can get that will emit high-frequency sounds that deter those animals away from your garden. You could also add a fence around your garden to keep those animals and your dog out of it.

Use Natural, Harmless Sprays

There are a few sprays that you can make at home or buy at a store to help keep your dog away from your garden. These sprays include ammonia, vinegar or citrus peels. Many dogs don’t like the smell of oranges or lemons, try peeling a lemon or making them smell orange juice when they are digging. Due to the dog’s heightened sense of smell, these sprays may work in discouraging your dog to wander off to the garden. There is a product called bitter apple spray that people use on their dogs to get them to drop something or to stop them from licking something. These sprays can be effective, but they won’t last a long time. You will have to reapply the spray every so often to your garden, especially after it rains.

Bury Certain Items Under Dirt

If you notice that your dog likes to dig in a certain area, try burying flat, heavy rocks in those spots. This will make digging harder for your dog and less enjoyable for them. If they continue to bury in those spots, bury a small inflated balloon. When they find the unpleasant surprise of a popping balloon it could scare them off of digging altogether.

Create an Area For Them to Dig

Build your dog a sandbox in the backyard and encourage them to dig in there. When you make the box, either from wooden beams or low fencing, fill it with freshly tilled soil. Bury treats in the box to encourage your dog to play there instead of in your garden.

If All Else Fails—Hire a Professional Trainer

If you have exhausted everything on this list and maybe some of your own techniques, and your dog is still digging up your garden, enroll them in a puppy training course. Tell the trainer what the situation is and they should be able to train your dog that will stop them from digging up your garden.

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