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Riley, a Smarter Robot

With the best in smart robotics technology, Riley allows you to bring your home with you whether you’re away on business or just running a brief errand. Riley can monitor the house for hours whether during the day or during shut eye. Never feel like you forgot to lock the door on the way out because Riley’s got your back.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Our trusted companion uses Wi-Fi connectivity to be utilized from any smart phone and can transmit live HD video and audio while in use.

HD Video & Audio

Riley Vision comprises of powerful 5 megapixel camera to guarantee crisp high definition picture. Riley is equipped with a microphone that picks up even the drop of a pin and this microphone also works as an intercom.

Night Vision

Riley even has night vision for monitoring in the dark! Well equipped with a built-in night light, Riley can help you look after your home 24/7.

Motion Detection

No matter where you are, you will receive a notification on your smart phone as to what is happening in your home when you step out. Riley will alert you of any motion detection even when you’re not watching.

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What Our Previous Customers Say

"I received my Appbot-LINK robot a few days ago and while I am not impressed with gadgets all that often, I am impressed with the Appbot-LINK."
HorizonjobAmazon Customer
"Well, this robot is an engineering masterpiece! Works flawlessly, simple setup, functional mechanical design, simple and nice software, excellent video and audio communication."
Max GreenAmazon Customer
"Wow! AppBot-Link is great on several fronts. This wifi controlled bot is like mobile, indoor security camera with motion detection and two way communication."
Dewster1989Amazon Customer